Biology Lab Equipment’s

This package covers all the necessary equipment, glassware, labware, chemicals and other accessories required for conducting all the Biology related experiments for class XI-XII for CBSE, ICSE and state boards. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time. Package can be easily changed to suit to institution’s individual requirements like higher number of students or adding/removing some of the equipment.  Feel free to reach out to us by filling up the Get Quote form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Following equipment are included in Biology Lab Equipment Package:

Beaker Graduated, 100ml B.G.
Beaker Graduated, 250ml B.G.
Beaker Graduated, 500ml B.G.
Beaker Graduated, 1000ml B.G.
Beaker Tong 12″ (Stainless Steel)
Boiling Tube, 25X150mm (Pkt of 50)
Buchner Funnel, Dia 4″
Bunsen Burner With Stop Cock
Burette with Rotaflow StopCock
Burette Stand With Clamp (Superior)
Centrifuge Tube, Graduated, 10 ml, B.G.
Chromatograph Paper Sheet
Chromatography Jar Apparatus
Column Chromatography, Length 30cm, Dia 15cm
Compound Microscope with mechanical stage ‘MICRON’ ISI Mark (Model KG-2)
Compression Balance, Cap 1 kg
Cork Borer (Set of 3); German Type
Cover Slip, Round (Pkt of 10gm)
Darwin’s Porometer, B.G.
Digital Balance, L.C. 0.1gm (Imported)
Farmer’s Potometer
Filter Paper 12.5cm (Adarsh/Dr.Watt)
Funnel 75mm, Borosilicate Glass
Funnel Stand (Wooden)
Ganong’s Potometer
Ganong’s Respirometer, B.G.
Ganong’s Light Screen
Glass Stirrer, 8″
Glass Stirrer, 12″
Human Skeleton (Fibre); Superior Quality with Metallic Stand
Litmus Paper Red/Blue ‘ADARSH’
Measuring Cylinders 100ml B.G.
Measuring Cylinders 250ml B.G.
Measuring Cylinders 500ml B.G.
Mortar & Pestle, Dia 4″
Petridish 4″, Crystal Clear Glass
Pipette Graduated, 5 ml
Pipette Graduated, 20 ml
Pipette Stand Vertical for 28 Pipettes, POLYLAB
PH METER (Pen Type), Imported
Plain Slide (Pkt of 50)
Prepared Slide: Amoeba, Ringworm , Blastula, Entamoeba
Prepared Slide: Animal Tissue
Prepared Slide: Plant Tissue
Prepared Slide: Binary Fission Amoeba
Prepared Slide: Hydra, Yeast Budding, Human Blood R.B.C./W.B.C
Prepared Slide: Meiosis (Set of 12)
Prepared Slide: Mitosis (Set of 5)
Reagent Bottle, 250 ml (Autoclaveable)
Scissors, 4″
Separating Funnel, 125ml, B.G.
Slide Box (100 Slides); Wooden
Spatula, 6″, S.S.
Specimen: Botany
Specimen: Zoology
Specimen: Life History of Honey Bee, Mosquito, Cockroach, House Fly, Butterfly
Staining Rack Wooden
Stop Watch, Racer Make
Transpiration & Absorption Apparatus, B.G.
Test Tube 15x125mm ‘Borosilicate’ (Pkt of 100)
Test Tube Holder (Iron Chrome Plated)
Test Tube Stand, 15 mm, 12 Holes, S.S.
Test Tube Stand, 25 mm, 12 Holes, S.S.
Thermometer (Precision)
Tripod Stand, 6″ (Heavy Quality)
Trough (Pneumatic); Polylab
Volumetric Flask, 100 ml
Volumetric Flask, 250 ml
Wash Bottle, 125 ml, POLYLAB
Water Bath, Copper, 5″
Watch Glass, 3″ (Dz) Sup.
Wire gauge with frame & asbestos centre
Max & Min Thermometer
Wet & Dry Thermometer
Acetone, 500 ml
Acetic Acid Glacial; 500 ml
Acetocarmine; 100 ml
Benedict’s solution, 500 ml
Boric Acid; 500 gm
Cobalt Chloride, 100 gm
Distilled Water, 5 ltr
Ethanol; 500 ml
Ether Solvent, 500 ml
Formalin, 500 ml
Glycerin, 500 ml
Hydrochloric Acid (Thermocole Pack)- 2.5 ltr
Iodine Solution N/10; 500 ml
Magnesium Sulphate; 500 gm
Petroleum Jelly, 500 gm
Potassium Hydroxide, 500 gm
Potassium Nitrate; 500 gm
Safranin Solution, 125 ml
Smith’s Reagent, 125 ml
Sodium Chloride, 500 gm
Sodium Hypobromite Solution, 500 ml
Starch Soluble; 500 gm
Sucrose, 500 gm
Sulphosalicyclic Acid, 100 gm
Sulphuric Acid (Thermocole Pack); 2.5 ltr

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