Composite Lab Equipment Package CBSE | ICSE | IGCSE | STATE BOARD


Composite Lab Equipment Package CBSE | ICSE | IGCSE | STATE BOARD

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Composite lab package includes equipment required to conduct all of the Class IXth and Xth experiments mandatory for CBSE schools.

This package contains list of composite lab equipment, composite lab apparatus, glassware and chemicals required for high school as per CBSE syllabus.

Our products are SCI secured, that means all the composite lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further any damage during transit will be covered by us.

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This package covers all the necessary equipment, glassware, labware, chemicals and other accessories required for conducting all the PhysicsChemistry and Biology related experiments for class IX-X for CBSE, ICSE and state boards. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time. Package can be easily changed to suit to institution’s individual requirements like higher number of students or adding/removing some of the equipment.  Feel free to reach out to us by filling up the Get Quote form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Following equipment are included in Composite Lab Equipment Package:

Ammeter (1.5 V)
Aluminium Tube
Battery Eliminator, 2-12V DC
Beaker, 100 ml
Beaker, 250 ml
Beaker, 500 ml
Bunsen Burner with stopcock
Burette Brush
Burette Stand with clamp (Metallic)
Burette with Rotaflow stopcock, 50 ml
China Dish (porcelein); 3″
Compound Microscope, Micron Make, KG-2 Model
Compression Balance, 2 Kg, BRAUN Make
Concave Mirror, F.L. 15 cm
Conical Flask, 250 ml
Conical Flask, 500 ml
Connecting Wire, 500 gm
Convex Lens, F.L. 15 cm
Cork Borer (Set of 3)
Cover Slip, 18 mm, Square
Delivery Tube
Digital Balance, Cap. 300gm, L.C. 0.1gm (1mg) Imported
Dissecting Box, Surgeon Make
Dissecting Needle, Stainless Steel
Dissecting Tray with wax, 10″ X 12″, Stainless Steel
Drawing Board 12 X 18″ ( Superior Quality soft wood )
Drawing Board Pin
Dry Cell, 2V, Globe Make
Filter paper, Dia 12.5cm
Forceps, 5″, S.S.
Funnel, 75 mm, POLYLAB
Funnel, 75 mm, B.G.
Ganong’s Light Screen
Glass Prism Equilateral, 50 mm
Glass Stirrer, 10″
Geometry Box
Glass Slab 75X50X12 mm
Hand Lens, 3″, Bakelite Handle
Human Skeleton, Superior Quality
Human Skeleton Stand (Metallic)
Iron Stand with Clamp
Lens Holder with Base (Iron)
Litmus Paper (Red/Blue)
Magnet (Bar); Alnico Make
Measuring Cylinder, 50 ml
Measuring Cylinder, 250 ml
Measuring Cylinder, 500 ml
Metal Block Rectangular (Aluminum); 4X3X2 cm
Meter Scale, Half Meter
Meter Scale, One Meter
Model: Brain (4 Parts dissectible)
Model: Ear
Model: Eye (6” Dia & 5 times Enlarged Model)
Model: Heart (4 parts Dissectible)
Model: Human Excretory System, Nervous System, Respiratory System
Overflow Jar, Plastic
Pestle and mortar, 4″
Petri Dish (Imported) (Crystal Clear Glass)
pH Paper
Pipette Graduated, 20 ml
Pipette Graduated, 5 ml
Plain Slide, Size 75X25X1.35 mm (Pkt of 50)
Plug Key, One Way
Plug Key, Two Way
Prepared Slide: Parenchyma, Collenchyma, Sclerenchyma, Xylem, Phloem, Dicot & Monocot Stem,Root,Leaf, Onion Peel, Spirogyra, Stomata, Lichen
Prepared Slide: Ascaris male & female, Bacteria, Paramecium, Straited & Unstraited Muscle, Nerve Cell, Squamous Epithelium, Cubodial Epithelium, Columnar Epithelium, Kidney, Heart, Skin, Testis, Ovary
Prepared Slide: Binary Fission in Amoeba
Prepared Slide: Budding of Yeast
Resistance Box (10 ohm)
Resistance Box (1000 ohm)
Resistance Coil (1, 2 Ohm)
Rheostat, 15 cm
Round Bottom Flask, 250 ml
Round Bottom Flask, 500 ml
Rubber Cork, Size No. 3
Slinky Spring, 75X50 mm
Spatula, 6″
Specimen: Earthworm, Cockroach, Rohu Fish, Ascaris, Butterfly, Leech, Prawn, Star Fish, Snail, Sea Urchin
Specimen: Agaricus, Moss, fern, Pinus male and female cone, Mustard plant, Maize plant, Marchantia, Mushroom, Rhizopus
Specimen: Life Cycle of Mosquito
Spirit Lamp
Spirit Level
Spring Balance, 100 gm, Tubular Acrylic
Spring Balance, 250 gm, Tubular Acrylic
Slotted Weight; 250 gm
Stop Watch, Digital 1/100 Sec, Racer Make
Test Tube 15X125 mm (Pkt of 100); Borosilicate Neutral Glass
Test Tube 15X125 mm (Pkt of 100); Borosilicate Hard Glass
Test Tube Brush
Test Tube Holder, Chrome Plated (Wooden Handle)
Test Tube Stand, 16mm x 31 Tubes (POLYLAB)
Thermometer (Precision), -10 to 110C, Div. 1/10 Mercury, 18” long
Tong, 6″, Stainless Steel
Tripod Stand, Heavy Quality, 6”
Tuning Fork (Set of 8)
Voltmeter, 3 V
Wash Bottle, 250 ml, POLYLAB
Watch Glass, Dia 4″
Water Bath (Copper); Dia 5″
Wire gauge with Frame & Asbestos Centre
Wooden Block With Hook, Rectangular, Size 100x75x15mm
Acetic Acid glacial; 500 ml
Aluminum Metal Powder; 250 gm
Aluminium Sulphate; 500 gm
Barium Chloride; 500 gm
Calcium Hydroxide; 500 gm
Calcium Oxide; 500 gm
Carbon Disulphide; 500 ml
Cobalt Chloride; 100 gm
Copper Metal Turning; 100 gm
Copper Sulphate; 500 gm
Distilled Water; 5 ltr
Egg Albumin Flakes; 25 gm
Ferrous Sulphate; 500 gm
Glycerin; 500 ml
Hydrochloric Acid (Thermocole Pack)- 2.5 ltr
Hydrochloric Acid N/10; 500 ml
Iodine Solution; 500 ml
Iron Fillings; 1 kg
Lead Acetate; 500 gm
Litmus Blue Solution; 125 ml
Litmus Red Solution; 125 ml
Magnesium Ribbon; 25 gm
Methelene Blue Solution; 125 ml
Methyl Alcohol; 500 ml
Potassium Alum; 500 gm
Potassium Dichromate; 500 gm
Potassium Hydroxide Flakes; 500 gm
Potassium Iodide; 100 gm

Safranin Solution; 125 ml
Silver Nitrate Solution N/10; 125 ml
Sodium Bicarbonate; 500 gm
Sodium Carbonate; 500 gm
Sodium Chloride; 500 gm
Sodium Hydroxide Flakes; 500 gm
Sodium Hydroxide Solution N/1; 500 ml
Sodium Sulphate; 500 gm
Starch Soluble; 500 gm
Sulphur Powder; 500 gm
Sulphuric Acid (Thermocole Pack); 2.5 ltr
Zinc Metal Granulated; 250 gm
Zinc Sulphate; 500 gm
Senior Mathematics Kit
Analogous Organs
Homologous Organs
Images formed by Mirrors
Images formed by Lenses
Mendleev’s Periodic Table Chart
Lab Safety Rules


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